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property constant can read can write persi
type defaultmin max usage
CS_Area_Kind text Object kind = “Calendar”
text iCal ID
CS_iCal_Clear value
Remove all events from the specified calendar
text iCal ID
CS_iCal_Color color0xFF1D9BF6 Background color of the Calendar's events
CS_iCal_DefaultTimezone text Default timezone
To be used with iCal = 0 to set the workstation default, e.g. “Europe/Paris” (usable mostly when handling .ics files)
Default is empty string meaning “Floating”
CS_iCal_Description text Optional description
CS_iCal_IsBirthday bool001Special handling of repeating events (prefixed by the recurrence number, e.g. “50. Anniversary”)
Use “x. ” + title for event titles
CS_iCal_IsModified bool001
CS_iCal_Name text Optional calendar name
CS_iCal_ReadOnly bool001Prevent editing: read only mode (events can't be dragged/resized)
Get the .ics vcalendar
CS_iCal_Visible bool101Visible in the area(s)
Indicates if the calendar's events should be displayed in areas referring the calendar
CS_iCal_XML text
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