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CalendarSet in a plugin Window

Using CalendarSet in a plugin Window

:!: Warning: this feature is only available in 32-bit mode, as 4D is unable to create an external window in 64-bit mode.

You can display CalendarSet in an independent, resizable window.

This type of window is created using the 4D Open external window command.

The syntax of the command is as follows:

Open external window (left;top;right;bottom;type;title;plugInArea) → AreaRef

Parameter Type Description
→ left longint global left coordinate of window contents area
→ top longint global top coordinate of window contents area
→ right longint global right coordinate of window contents area
→ bottom longint global bottom coordinate of window contents area
→ type longint window type
→ title text title of window
→ plugInArea text plugin object name: use “_CS_Area” for CalendarSet
← AreaRef longint area reference of plugin area, used by CalendarSet commands

After opening the plugin window, you then issue CalendarSet commands to configure the format and events you wish to display.

You can detect user actions on the CalendarSet object, but since there is no object method or form method, a callback method is used.

This is a method you specify with CS_SetCallback, which CalendarSet will execute when the user clicks or does a drag action on the object.


// display all items for this month from the appointments file 

vDay1ThisMth:= Add to date(!00/00/0000!;Year of(Current date);Month of(Current date);1) 
vDay1NextMth:= Add to date(vDay1ThisMth;0;1;0)

QUERY([Appts];[Appts]Appt Date>=vDay1ThisMth;*) // find the appointments for this month 
QUERY([Appts]; & ;[Appts]Appt Date<vDay1NextMth) 
// now load the appointment data into arrays

// Note that each appointment item has a field for the date, item text, font, size, style, and color 
//This makes loading the data and displaying it very easy to accomplish 
SELECTION TO ARRAY([Appts]Appt Date;aDates;[Appts]Item;aItems;[Appts]Item Font;\ 
 aFonts;[Appts]Size;aSizes;[Appts]Styles;aStyles;[Appts]Color; aColors) 
// and display the data in the CalendarSet plugin area named "eMonth" 
// open a CalendarSet plugin window

eMonth:=Open external window(10;50;400;450;4;"plugin Window Example";"_CS_Area") 
// setup the CalendarSet area

CS_SetArray (eMonth;"aDates";"aItems";"aFonts";"aSizes";"aStyles";"aColors") 
// highlight number only, multiple cells (contiguous), grayed cells with info, 
// month prefix, Sunday start, extend frame

CS_Options (eMonth;CS_Highlight_Number;CS_DaySelect_Multiple;CS_Unused_GrayedNumBan;\ 

// allow event selection, word-wrap event text, mark events with bullet 
// allow banner selection, allow banner resizing 
// grid color blue, background color very light gray 
// Project method HandleCalClick

C_LONGINT($1;$CalArea) // CalendarSet object reference 
C_INTEGER($2;$Action) // type of user action

$CalArea:=$1 // reassign received parameters for better readability 

Case of 
 :($Action=CS_Action_ClickOnDay) // user click on a day 
  CS_GetSelect ($CalArea;vDateSt;vDateEn;vContig;aDays) 
  ModDayInfo ($CalArea;vDateSt) // add/modify the info for that day 
 :($Action=CS_Action_WindowClosed) // user click in plugin window close box or the hosting form is closed 
  SaveCalendar // save any changes 
 :($Action=CS_Action_ClickOnEventBanner) // clicked on an event or bannerv 
 :($Action=CS_Action_BannerResize) // resized a banner 
 :($Action=CS_Action_Drop) // dropped an event or banner (or a non-CalendarSet object) 
 // handle the drag and drop here 
 :($Action=CS_Action_DragOver) //dragging a non CalendarSet/AreaList Pro object over the area 
  $0:=1 //allow drop 
End case 

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