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property constant can read can write persi
array type defaultmin max usage
CS_Objects_Area_Banners text Displayed banners
CS_Objects_Area_Calendars long Calendars associated with this area
Getter stores default calendar ID in element 0)
CS_Objects_Area_DayNames text Get/set full day names (initialized from system)
CS_Objects_Area_DayNamesAbbrev text Get/set abbreviated day names (initialized from system)
CS_Objects_Area_DayTimeZones 2D longint Get/set time zones per day (e.g. “mark lunch time between 12:00 and 12:30 with yellow on Monday-Friday”)
CS_Objects_Area_Events text Displayed events
CS_Objects_Area_MonthNames text Get/set full month names (initialized from system)
CS_Objects_Area_MonthNamesAbbrev text Get/set abbreviated month names (initialized from system)
CS_Objects_Area_SelectedDays date Dates of all selected days
CS_Objects_Area_SelectedEvents text Selected events/banners in current view
CS_Objects_Area_Users long User IDs associated with this area
Getter stores default user ID in element 0
CS_Objects_Evt_Icons long The iconIDs to get/set (no need to parse/create comma separated text with CS_Event_Icon)
CS_Objects_iCal_Calendars long iCal IDs of all Calendars
Use area/iCalRef = 0
CS_Objects_iCal_Events text Events in given Calendar
Use area/iCalRef # 0
CS_Objects_iCal_Timezones text + long Supported time zones with optional time zone offsets
Use area/iCalRef = 0
CS_Objects_SpecialDays date + text Date of Special days with optional description
CS_Objects_Users long + text User IDs with optional email addresses
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