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Offscreen Commands

CalendarSet allows offscreen areas, which are not displayed (neither in a form nor in an external window).

Offscreen areas are created with the CS_NewOSArea command, which returns the area reference to be used as the first parameter to most CalendarSet commands.

An offscreen area can be populated and formatted just like a visible area, then it can be converted to a vector picture using CS_GetPicture. Clicks on the offscreen area can be emulated with CS_SimClick.

See the CalendarSet Demonstration database for an example of creating an offscreen area programmatically.

Don't forget to destroy your offscreen area with CS_DeleteOSArea once it is no longer needed.




Parameter Type Description
→ AreaRef longint area reference of the offscreen CalendarSet area to delete

CS_DeleteOSArea deletes an offscreen area (previously created with CS_NewOSArea) from memory.

Make sure that you always delete offscreen areas once you're done with them.


// delete an offscreen area
CS_DeleteOSArea($area) // $area is not an on-screen plugin area, but is from CS_NewOSArea


(areaName; width; height) → AreaRef

Parameter Type Description
→ areaName text name of the offscreen area to create
→ width integer offscreen area width
→ height integer offscreen area height
← AreaRef longint area reference of the new offscreen CalendarSet area

CS_NewOSArea creates an offscreen area with the specified name, width and height (at position 0, 0) and returns its area reference.


// create an offscreen 800 x 600 area and set its range 
CS_SetRange($area;$dateFrom;$dateTo) //$areaisnotanon-screenpluginarea,butisfromCS_NewOSArea

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