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About CalendarSet

What is CalendarSet, and what can I do with it?

CalendarSet is an easy-to-use tool for implementing calendars on 4D layouts. Because CalendarSet is an plug-in, it is very fast, and provides capabilities not available to the developer using native 4D commands and objects.

Data is passed to CalendarSet using 4D arrays, providing a simple method of displaying date information from your database. The arrays will typically be loaded using the 4D SELECTION TO ARRAY command, and displayed with only one or two CalendarSet commands.

Special tools are implemented for the developer who desires to customize the appearance and configuration of CalendarSet, allowing the customization to be implemented rapidly. Many options are available to control the behavior and appearance of CalendarSet, with a minimum of programming.

CalendarSet can also be displayed as an independent, resizable plug-in window (32-bit only since 4D is unable to open an external window in 64-bit).

CalendarSet includes a collection of plug-in areas and commands to implement popup menus for display of date, time, color, and icon data. You can use these capabilities to enhance your user interface both with the CalendarSet plug-in area as well as other tasks.

See About CalendarSet v6 for version 6 features.

Technical Details

Compatibility Information

CalendarSet v6 is compatible with 4D v15 (32-bit only), v16 and above for both macOS and Windows, in 32-bit and 64-bit modes.
It requires macOS 10.9 or higher (or 10.10 for 64-bit) and Windows 7 SP1 or better.

You do not have to update your CalendarSet areas and code. The commands are still here and will work with CalendarSet versions 4 (old API) and 5 (new API) with little or no change in your code. See the Upgrading from Previous versions section.

Technical Support

Technical support for CalendarSet is provided electronically via e-mail or our online support reporting system.

You are encouraged to use the online web forums.

Note : many examples with their source code are available in the CalendarSet Demonstration database.

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