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property constant can read can write persi
type defaultmin max usage
CS_Area_AllowBannerResizebool101Allow banners resizing
CS_Area_AllowBannerSelectbool101Allow banners selection
CS_Area_AllowDeleteEventbool001Allow DEL key
CS_Area_AllowEventResizebool101Allow events resizing
CS_Area_AllowEventSelectbool101Allow events selection
CS_Area_ClickedDate int Last clicked cell
POSIX time of the clicked position
CS_Area_ClickedEventID text
CS_Area_ClickedEventIndex int Last clicked event index
CS_Area_ClickedEventType int Last clicked event type
CS_Area_ColorTheme int 11Currently only allowed value is 1
When set, many properties are modified to match look: global styles & area properties (including styles)
CS_Area_Compatibility intDepends on initialization030 = only new API used
1 = old CS (arrays) API used
2 = Agenda (fields) API used
3 = both old CS & Agenda API used
CS 4/Agenda compatibility mode
CS_Area_CurrentUser int0 Currently used only in Agenda compatibility
CS_Area_DayColor0color0 Background color for Sunday
CS_Area_DayColor1color0 Background color for Monday
CS_Area_DayColor2color0 Background color for Tuesday
CS_Area_DayColor3color0 Background color for Wednesday
CS_Area_DayColor4color0 Background color for Thursday
CS_Area_DayColor5color0 Background color for Friday
CS_Area_DayColor6color0 Background color for Saturday
CS_Area_DayHeaderAlignmentint003Modifies header alignment in Day view
0 = current state - use CS_Style_Header alignment
1 = force left alignment
2 = force centered alignment
3 = force right alignment
CS_Area_DayHeaderFormatint00200 = current state: DDD, DD / DDDD, DD depending on column width: Sat, 29. / Saturday, 29
1 = DDD, DD: Sat, 29
2 = DDDD, DD: Saturday, 29
3 = DD/MM: 29/02
4 = sMM/DD: 02/29
5 = DD MMM: Feb 29
6 = MMM DD: 29 Feb
7 = DDD, DD MMM: Sat, 29 Feb
8 = MMM, DDD DD: Feb, Sat 29
9 = DDD, MMM DD: Sat, Feb 29
10 = YYYY-MM-DD: 2020-02-29
11 = DD DDD: 29 Sat
12 = DDD DD: Sat 29
Adding 8 to selectors 5-12 uses full names, e.g. for 9 + 8 = 17: Saturday, February 29
CS_Area_DayInfoFormatint0060 = current state (depends on CS_Area_DisplayWeek, CS_Area_DisplayMonth)
1 = same as 0, but forced short month name
2 = same as 0, but forced full month name
3 = week: W9
4 = short month name: Feb
5 = long month name: February
6 = short month + year: Feb 2020
CS_Area_DaySelectionTypeint0020 = one day
1 = multiple
2 = discontiguous
CS_Area_DefaultForNewEvent int iCal to use for new events
When dragging event inside area, identical calendarID is used
When dragging event across areas and destination area shows that owning calendar, identical calendarID is used
When zero, default calendar (CS_Area_DefaultiCal) is used
Finally, when resolved iCal to use is not visible in the area (does not exist or is hidden), first visible calendar is used
CS_Area_DefaultICal int Default iCal owned by the area
Calendar number of the implicit default Calendar
CS_Area_DisplayBannersbool101Display banners (all-day events)
Default is 0 for Agenda API
CS_Area_DisplayEventTimesbool101Display event times in month view
CS_Area_DisplayMonthint102Display month name on month change, even in Day/Week view
Value 2 means the month is displayed with year in OldMonth/Month views
CS_Area_DisplayUnusedint202What to display in used (out of date range) cells
0 = nothing
1 = day
2 = events
CS_Area_DisplayWeekbool001Display week number in first column
CS_Area_DrawingModebool001Use - like drawing
Background color of event is not used, calendar/event color is shaded instead
Note: does not affect Old month view drawing and all views when Agenda API is used
CS_Area_EndDate date End date of the date range to display
Used in old month view and day range view
CS_Area_EndHourint24124Specifies if any hours at the end of the day should be hidden (1 - 24)
CS_Area_EndWorkHourint18024Specifies if any hours at the end of the day should be grayed out
CS_Area_EventColumnationint0-100256Columnation for overlapping events
0 = no overlap
<0 = overlap as percentage of column width
>0 = overlap in points
CS_Area_FirstDayint-1-16First day of week
-1 = use workstation system setting
0 = Sunday
1 = Monday…
CS_Area_FirstVisibleDate date Date of the first cell in the view (column in day/week views)
CS_Area_GoToNext unused Change displayed date range to “next” (depends on the view, e.g. for day it is one day, for year view showing 1 month it is one month)
CS_Area_GoToPrevious unused Change displayed date range to “previous” (depends on the view, e.g. for day it is one day, for year view showing 1 month it is one month)
CS_Area_GoToToday unused Change displayed date range to “now”
CS_Area_HighlightModeint102Highlight mode of the day
0 = none
1 = entire cell
2 = day number
CS_Area_HoursInDayViewint24124In Day/Week view, display specified hours at a time (using scrolling when more hours are to be displayed)
CS_Area_IsArea bool Is this an CalendarSet area?
CS_Area_Kind text Object kind = “CS”
CS_Area_LastVisibleDate date Date of the last cell in the view (column in day/week views)
CS_Area_MonthHeaderFormatint0020 = current state (short/full day name depending on column width)
1 = short day name
2 = full day name
CS_Area_Nametext Name of the area
If empty, variable name from design
CS_Area_NoAllDayHeaderbool001When set to 1, the “all-day” text is not drawn above the time column in Day/Week view
CS_Area_ScaleColumnsreal0064coefficient for computing the column width:
0 = automatic (fit into view), > 0: multiply by 128 to get the column width in points
CS_Area_ScaleRowsreal0064Coefficient for computing the row height:
0 = automatic (fit into view), > 0: multiply by 48 to get the row height in points
CS_Area_ScrollDaysWeeksbool001When set to 1, day/week view is “scrollable” with mouse wheel
When (possibly displayed) scrollbar is at the min/max and you scroll with mouse wheel more enough, displayed date range is changed, new CS_Action_DayWeekScroll is reported
CS_Area_ScrollLeft real Horizontal scroll position
In points
CS_Area_ScrollMonthViewWeeksbool001In Month view: when there are more events than space in a day cell, the whole week row is scrollable instead of showing “+2” (meaning 2 more events are not visible)
Arrows for scrolling are displayed on the right side of the area and in each cell (containing events), number of events is displayed; can be scrolled with mouse wheel
CS_Area_ScrollTop real Vertical scroll position
In points
CS_Area_Selected bool Is selected (has focus in 4D)
CS_Area_SelectMultiplebool001Allow multiple events/banners selection
CS_Area_Self pointer Pointer to the area object
CS_Area_ShowEventsInYearViewbool101When set to 1, days in year view (layout 0 - 5) are colored if there are events
CS_Area_ShowInfoTextbool001When set to 1, new event property CS_Event_InfoText is drawn in day/week view
CS_Area_ShowYearInYearViewbool001When set to 1, year is displayed in year view
CS_Area_StartDate date Start date of the date range to display
Not necessarily the first visible day
CS_Area_StartHourint0023Specifies if any hours at the beginning of the day should be hidden (0 - 23)
CS_Area_StartWorkHourint8023Specifies if any hours at the beginning of the day should be grayed out
CS_Area_TimeRoundingint105Time rounding for dragging
0 = none
1 = 5 minutes
2 = 10 min.
3 = 15 min.
4 = 30 min.
5 = 60 minutes
CS_Area_TimeZone text Area's time zone
CS_Area_UserBLOBBLOB BLOB for free use by developer
CS_Area_Viewint0050 = old month
1 = day
2 = day range
3 = work week
4 = week
5 = month
CS_Area_Visible bool Area is visible
Set to false before showing another dialog over CS to hide scrollbars…
CS_Area_VisibleDaystext1111111 Which days should be visible
0 = invisible or 1 = visible for every day starting at Sunday hide Saturday, use “1111110”
CS_Area_WeekHeaderAlignmentint003Modifies header alignment in Day-range/Week view
0 = current state - use CS_Style_Header alignment
1 = force left alignment
2 = force centered alignment
3 = force right alignment
CS_Area_WeekHeaderFormatint0020Text drawn in day header in Day-range/Week view
Possible values are identical to CS_Area_DayHeaderFormat
CS_Area_WeekInfoFormatint006Text drawn above the time column in Day-range/Week view
Possible values are identical to CS_Area_DayInfoFormat
CS_Area_XML text Full description of the area in XML
CS_Area_YearViewLayoutint2080 = 1 row, 12 columns
1 = 2 rows, 6 columns
2 = 3 rows, 4 columns
3 = 4 rows, 3 columns
4 = 6 rows, 2 columns
5 = 12 rows, 1 column
6 = 1 row, 1 column → 1 month
7 = 1 row, 3 columns → 3 months
8 = 3 rows, 1 column → 3 months
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