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Style Properties

Styles are used to specify font, size, color, …

E.g. CS_FontDefaults with parameter 2 set to 1 (day numbers, CS_Attr_Days = 1) modifies style 5 (CS_Style_DayNumber = 5), either global or for the specified area.

Or you can manipulate the styles with the CS_Get/SetStyle@Property commands.

See also CS_Event_ClearStyle in Event event properties, and Predefined Styles.

property constant can read can write persi
type defaultmin max usage
CS_Area_Kind text Object kind = “Style”
CS_Style_BackColorcolor#00FFFFFF Background color
Transparent (no color)
CS_Style_BaseLineShiftreal0-100256Base line shift
CS_Style_BaseStyleIDint00 Style: style ID
Base Style to use for this object
When set, all overriden properties are ignored
CS_Style_Bold boolno Font style - bold
Bit 0 of CS_Style_Full
CS_Style_Featuresint11 Style: defined (overriden) properties
Which properties of the parent style are overridden
CS_Style_FontNametext Font name
Segoe UI on Windows, Lucida Grande on MacOS
CS_Style_Fullint0015Font style
CS_Style_HorAlignint005Horizontal alignment
0 - default
1 = left
2 = center
3 = right
4 = justify
5 = full justify
CS_Style_HorizontalScalereal10,1100Horizontal scale
CS_Style_ID int Style's ID
CS_Style_Italic boolno Font style - italic
Bit 1 of CS_Style_Full
CS_Style_LineSpacingreal10,510Line spacing
CS_Style_Monthcolor Color of the month name in year view
Only text color is used
CS_Style_NametextEmpty for custom styles Style name
CS_Style_Rotationreal0-360360Rotation of text
CS_Style_Sizereal94128Font size
CS_Style_StrikeThrough boolno Font style - strike-through
Bit 3 of CS_Style_Full
CS_Style_TextColorcolor#FF000000 Font color
CS_Style_Underline boolno Font style - underline
Bit 2 of CS_Style_Full
CS_Style_VertAlignint003Vertical alignment
0 = default
1 = top
2 = center
3 = bottom
CS_Style_XML text XML of a style
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